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Reva designs and manufacturers D.G. E.O.T. Cranes upto 200 tonnes load capacity and span upto 35 mtrs confirming to IS 3177 / IS4137 / IPSS and IS807, other International standards.
Reva designs and manufacturers S.G Cranes upto 25 Tonnes load capacity and span upto 20 mtrs. confirming to IS 3177 and 807 / IS 3988 and other international standards.

These cranes are comprised of following serially produced assemblies & components offering various modules to provide custom designed solutions.

  • Hoisting frame including Gear Reducer, Coupling, Brake, Drum, Sheave & Motor etc. for various lifts & speed requirements further supplemented with electronic Controllers for safety and speed.
  • Maintenance free and readily accessible assemblies including Geared Motor driven wheel drive units to constitute flexibility in end carriage wheel bases. 

The box girders and other structural compact designs are due to vast experience supported by FEM analysis by graphical and analytical simulation/software for this purpose. Reva's Double Girder EOT Cranes is a result of most practical and reliable solution for today’s Overhead Handling of loads in various applications. It is designed with state of art FEM analysis techniques, strict quality checks at various stage and final overload testing assures high reliability and safety. Moreover this all is backed by Reva's large experience.Tailor made solutions : These cranes are custom designed and built to suit the user’s application. Reva is fully equipped in respect of design and manufacturing expertise required for the same.Short Delivery Period : The basic components such as Gearboxes, Geared Couplings, Brakes and Wheels are pre-designed and are serially produced. High level of standardisation and modular design also reduces the delivery period.

Double girder EOT cranes are available upto 200 tones capacity with different combination of span and lifts according to user’s application.


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