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What We Offer

EOT Cranes

Reva designs and manufacturers D.G. E.O.T. Cranes upto 200 tonnes load capacity and span upto 35 mtrs confirming to IS 3177 / IS4137 / IPSS and IS807, other International standards.
Reva designs and manufacturers S.G Cranes upto 25 Tonnes load capacity and span upto 20 mtrs. confirming to IS 3177 and 807 / IS 3988 and other international standards.

Low Headroom Cranes

Reva Low Head Room Crane as the name suggests has been designed to have lower headrooms, and more hook approaches. So client saves on the building costs by reducing heights of the building and can cover more floor area.

Goliath Cranes

Reva manufactures Goliath cranes upto 100T capacity. Designed considering wind and seismic loads as per IS:3177, IS:807 and IS:800. These are Custom Designed keeping in view customer requirements.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

0.25T to 45T upto 115mtr lift in various speed load combinations for straight / curved path.
Customized hoists of low headroom / creep speed through VVVF / Radio Remote / Wall Mounted Panel.

Jib Cranes

Reva manufactures a range of jib cranes such as self supported, Wall / Pillar Mounted and Traveling wall cranes. These cranes relieve the overhead cranes for carrying out more useful work on the shop floor. Being designed on FEA these are extremely reliable and safe. These have standard 'REVA' Electric Wire Rope Hoist.

Helical Reduction Gear Boxes

Reva offers Helical parallel shaft gear reducers upto 1000 center distance in two - four stage, in C.I housings duty machined on CNC machining centers (with ATC and tools presenter).Revas’ helical gearbox are manufactured out of low carbon alloy steel gears and pinions, hardened and profile ground. Gearboxes are available in wide range of ratings with different configuration

News Feed

21st March 2017 : 105/25T Capacity D/G EOT Crane Load Tested At our works successfully.
22nd February 2017 : 60T Goliath EOT Crane Commissioned at 3X660 MW NABINAGAR SUPER THERMAL POWER PROJECT.
27th July 2016 : 105/25T Capacity D/G EOT Crane Order Received From BHEL - Noida For 370MW KPCL YELAHANKA CCPP.
24th June 2016 : 60T Goliath Crane for NABINAGAR PROJECT load tested at our Works by NTPC.
16th May 2016 : 60T EOT Crane Commissioned at NTPC Solapur.
5th March 2016 : 60T Goliath Crane for NTPC MEJIA load tested in our Works by NTPC
29th February 2016 : 150T EOT Crane for Alstom Gumma HP project load tested in our works.
28th November 2015 : 100/20T Crane commissioned at SKIPPER BHIWADI.
10th November 2015 : The 120t crane erection work completed at SKIPPER BHIWADI Site.
August 2015 : We received CE marking certificate and MSME certificate of appreciation.
13th May 2015 : We received vendor registration in BHEL for cranes upto 150T
18th February 2015 : 60 T Crane Commissioned at NTPC Mauda – Nagpur.
24th January 2015 : 21 Hoists With Gantries Installed At Tata – Aldesa (JV) Bhadaun Site.
3rd January 2015 : 120 T Capacity Crane Order Received From Skipper Electricals (India) Ltd.
17th October 2014 : 100/20T Capacity D/G EOT Crane Order Received From Skipper Electricals (India) Ltd. For Their Plant In Bhiwadi Unit V Rajasthan
11th. September 2014 : Hoist And Structure (for Rail Handling) Order Received From Tata Projects. [Description : 63 Nos. Gantry & Hoist Order From TATA ALDESA (JV) for specialised rail handling.
5th September 2014 : 150T Capacity EOT Crane Order Received From Alstom.
12th. September 2014 : 50T Capacity EOT Crane Order Received for Export Job in Philippines through TPSC
11th August 2014 :60T Goliath Crane Handed Over to ABIR Constructions.
26 July 2014: Highest Single Order amounting Rs.3,60,00,000/- Received From Energo Engineering Projects Limited.
20 June 2014: 45T By Rail Hoist Installed And Commissioned at Adani Power Plant.
26th March 2014 : 2 Nos of 60T Cranes for NTPC duly inspected and dispatched.
20th December 2013 : Received order for 2 Nos of D/G EOT Crane 100T/20T Capacity from ABIR constructions.
19th August 2013 : 90T EOT Crane for VOITH HYDRO Supplied.
25th July 2013 : 60 Tonne Crane order received for NTPC MOUDA project.



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