Our USP- 100% Inhouse Manufacturing

Engineering Capabilities

A lot depends on the design/engineering of the equipment to facilitate this endeavor REVA has following softwares:-
1) Kissoft for calculation of strength of GEARS.
2) Pro- engineer for designing the thoughts.
3) Autocad - for drawings.
4) Mathcad - for error free calculations.
5) EPLAN - for electrical designing.
6) Inhouse developed software for designing of complete cranes and components. REVA has a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers who work with perfection to achieve
this aim. We have our own R&D department which is consistently improving on the product design.

Manufacturing Capabilities

REVA has one of the largest Machine Shops in the crane industry. REVA has complete GEAR SHOP with vide range of Hobbing Machines, Gear Shapers, Gear Profile Grinders, Cylindrical Grinders, Internal Grinders, CNC Horizontal Boring machines, CNC TURNING centers including in house Heat Treatment Facility.
REVA is having one of the best fabrication shops in crane industry. Reva had introduced SAW WELDING for Bridge Girders, so that the weld penetration of the Fillet welds can improve. All other welding is done CO2 MIG welding machines. We have PLASMA cutting machine for cutting of plates. All our WELDERS are NTPC/LLYODS/BHEL approved.

Quality Assurance

FOR any manufactured equipment QUALITY plays a very important role and INSTRUMENTS plays a vital role in checking and maintaining quality. REVA from the day one has laid stress on the QUALITY of the product. REVA has following equipments
1.UTM : Universal Testing machine. all the incoming steel is tested for its mechanical properties against specified standards.
2.UT : Ultra sonic testing. All the rounds, plates are checked for internal cracks. Welds are also subjected to UT if required
3.MPI : Magnetic Particle Inspection, for detecting sub surface cracks, REVA has in-house MPI
4. HARDNESS TESTER : For checking hardness of the material after HEAT TREATMENT

More points on Quality

5. Surface finish tester : for checking the surface finish of the equipments
6. HOOK PULL TESTER : for proof load of hooks
7. Meggar and HV test : for checking electrical panels
8. Various measuring instruments : like verniers, micro meters, height gauges, bore gauges, flange
micrometers, surface plates, measuring tapes, slip gauges for calibration of the instruments.
9. LOAD TESTING : all the equipments are 100% tested as per the standards and speed, current
are checked on loaded and un-loaded conditions. We have dead loads upto 150t.

Our Quality Certifications

We follow ISO:9001 systems and were the first one to be accredited with ISO in the crane industry in the year 1996 itself.

We have a team of engineers who are well qualified and have achieved level-2 in non destructive testings like MPI, UT, Radiography and add to the strength of REVA. Reva employees welders who are LLYODS/NTPC/NPC approved.

1.Here is a link to Photo of 100t Crane being tested
2. Click here for video of Goliath Cranes(45T)


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